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Unit 2 Ashkoda of Mashhad power plant returned to production circuit

The two Ashkoda units of Mashhad power plant, after 6 days of round-the-clock efforts and periodic repairs, were able to resume production by providing the necessary conditions.
According to the public relations of Mashhad Power Generation Management Company, the repairs were done in order to remove production limitations and prepare the unit for sustainable production, which was done with the efforts of personnel in the shortest time and the best efficiency.
The most important measures taken during this period of repairs are repairing defects in the insulation problem of the 2314 fan electromotor, servicing and repairing defects in a number of 6 kv breakers, repairing defects in a number of unit electrovols, performing 6kv equipment insulation tests, replacing bearings and impellers 2314, clean Nozzle work of towers, superheater valve stiffness service, boiler sampling cooler service, tower make-up pump service, bearing 1 inspection, oil filtration, inspection of valves and check valves of oil path and performing permissions postponed to stop the unit.
Unit number two of Ashkoda was out of orbit on April 4, with the efforts of the hard-working personnel of Mashhad Power Generation Management Company, at 9:50 PM on April 7, it was successfully connected to the national grid.
It is worth mentioning ; Mashhad Power Plant The first power plant in Greater Khorasan (near the royal court of Hazrat Reza (AS)) is one of Iran’s thermal and gas power plants with a capacity of 328 MW, which includes 7 steam and gas units on a land area of ​​43 hectares.